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Vechain Coming for the # 1 Spot #VET +300% #PLA +150% #SHA +200% Vechain Ecosystem on FIRE

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  1. Where can americans buy pla coin? And does it habe a paper wallet? Because i domt want to keep it on exchange and as far as i know onky 3 exchanges carry it.

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  3. Brother….you spend waaaaaaay too much time with filler conversation. An hour live show with 10 mins of useful info. I am a subscriber, I support you, but these long broadcasts are getting old. I understand you use it as a revenue stream, which is fine, but can you please stay on topic for more than 10 seconds at a time? We don't need a shout out every 8 seconds………just educate us on your material. The tips will flow!

  4. My thoughts on XRP
    The most money invested is XRP, but the most currency by far is VECHAIN all day for me.
    ODL exchanges that are using Ripple/XRP is a very very small percentage of transactions. XRP is my largest investment. At this point with ripple paying all there customers to use it. No real customers with potential companies dropping out. Swift did a system update transactions are at 90 seconds now to shut up the XRP swift killer people. Maybe 10% of transactions will be used by XRP by swift. XRP is looking more like a failure. No real banks are even really using this thing or want too after being paid to try it out. I will be cautious moving forward. Bank systems don't use XRP. Ripple only pays them to use it. I've changed my outlook of XRP might just dump them off before it's too late. RippleNet doesn't benefit XRP. That's probably why Grayscale scaled them back on there portfolio. Crypto Briefing News June 22 CEO stated that he is using XRP Holdings money that we are investing to keep the company in cash flow. We are being strung along. To keep people investing for company cash flow. Last week the so called corridor that is the new string. Only made around 3 million dollars. Chump change this sucks. I've been holding for a very long time. I have patience but alot of negative facts coming out. Especially when the CEO openly admits using investor money for cash flow. This could take years for something to move forward. I'm way to invested in my ledger. It's moving to the lesser end of my crypto portfolio. July 21st better have something anything positive on moving forward

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