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Visa Buys Ripple Partner Earthport | Joshie Bear Battles Geoengineering 2019

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Daily XRP News


  1. Let me guess what’s for dinner 🥘???
    Chicken 🍗 tendies. …. right???

    Quit hitting me with your subliminal messages Joshi …

    Every time I watch your videos I feel the urge to take a turd in the street

  2. Had chicken tendees for lunch today cheers!!! I can't believe they are actually doing the sun blocking thing (that was one conspiracy rabbit hole I could never understand, deep down never wanted to believe, just being honest **sigh**)
    On a happier note, gonna probably have chicken mini's for breakfast tomorrow, will think of you lol

  3. They're going to grind up chicken tendees into fine dust particles and spray us with them in Hope's that someone will develop a fleet of bug out boats protected by trained dolphins with laser beams. Apparently its working…

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