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Daily XRP News
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  1. People could have the real power to upset markets by boycotting products. Takes no effort at all. Big companies would hate that for they need retail to keep them rich.

  2. WHY CANT THEY PREVENT US FROM GETTING RICH OFF XRP!? If they can do it with any other investment we make. Why not xrp as well???

  3. Why the AMC, GME, and KOSS fiasco is so important for XRP Anyone keeping tabs on the GME, AMC, and KOSS fiasco, watch this. The issue lies in the clearing firm DTC (that according to the Webull CEO settles MORE THAN 95% OF ALL STOCK TRADES!) settling the funds in 1-2 business days, and the reason these symbols were suspended was because the clearing firm (DTC), which typically takes a collateral of 1-3% of the trade, HAD A COLLATERAL OF 100% OF THESE TRADES because they're so volitile. So if you sell a trade, a NOSTRO account will fund the collateral of that trade until it settles. And that nostro account apparently isn't that well funded, so if a collateral of 100% of an extremely volitile ticker trade has to get sent for tickers like AMC, GME, and KOSS that perform BILLIONS of transactions in a day (while being settled for 1-2 outside of the nostro account), that nostro is gonna run dry. And since DTC does literally 95% of the settlement for all stock trades (per the webull CEO), if thag nostro runs dry, that's the collapse of the economic sector. Can ANYONE think of ANYTHING that can settle funds in less than 1-2 days, like say, oh idk, 3-5 seconds? That's right. Fucking XRP. Here's the video I watched:

  4. Preach! I been saying that. It’s them vs us. If we fight each other we can’t be them. We gotta stick together. They’re getting rich off of us and we fight each other. Smh

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