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“We May See XRP Moving Across The SWIFT Network” Ripple and JP Morgan

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. People are getting excited over a big nothing burger. Who cares if Libra does anything significant. What everyone should be excited about is that a internationally known platform is getting into crypto currency and at the end of the day we all want to see our holdings in crypto go up. So please stop with the fake outrage. It really makes you look stupid.
    I am no FaceBook fan in the least.

  2. Libra will be a good thing guys

    Adoption of libra will accelerate the adoption of ripplenet by banks, payment providers etc. They will have no choice if they want to compete in the market. They will be forced to match Libra and only ripple can provide that

    Libra will still be just for the people, not major money just for small transfers, paying bills etc. Although there will be a lot of country’s out there that will put most of their money into this as its way more stable than their own currency.. look no further than Venezuela and places like that.
    Most importantly it will bring 2bn people within a couple of clicks of buying digital assets

    RippleNet will replace swift in dealing with the more serious money working with banks etc

  3. Hi all. If only this was an official announcement by SWIFT. It's becoming more obvious it's coming. Enjoy the ride all.

  4. Dude this whole thing is getting so real. Ever since the moneygram announcement it’s been an avalanche of great information and it finally feels like the things we were waiting for are happening right now. Such an exciting time to be an xrp holder. Price will follow at some point but I’m not concerned about that at the moment

  5. If that’s the case then might as well get outta crypto now cause swift will stay in power. Ripple won’t be getting anymore partners. But logically. If ripple wasn’t a problem swift wouldn’t be updating their system to beat out the competition instead of leaving it the way it was. So if I was someone who was working with or partnered with swift I wouldn’t work with them cause they obviously weren’t trying to change things cause they were making money off everyone

  6. When you guys are going to learn XRP is not going to replace SWIFT . XRP has been a failure from cross border payment point of view and Ripple should find some other achievable use cases to increase the value of XRP other than " Taking Over SWIFT " slogan . SWIFT gpi is coming along very well and it is too late to stop by Ripple . SWIFT does 1000 X more volume in cross border payment per day compare to XRP and it is increasing at 12% per year . SWIFT can not move XRP over their network it is not fiat and SWIFT is not going to use XRP . They already have very successful SWIFTgpi which is doing extremely well . " SWIFT gpi is already transforming cross-border payments. 50% of gpi payments are credited to end beneficiaries within 30 minutes, 40% in under five minutes, many in seconds." In 2018 " More than $40 trillion was sent via SWIFT gpi in 2018, cementing the service as the new standard for banks sending cross-border payments." .This gentleman from Euro Exim Bank has not heard SWIFT gpi I guess . Now XRP has to worry about Libra which is also after cross border payment market .

  7. I just read the plan about Libra and how they will run their nodes. Please do a video on this and explain how Libra will be 100 percent controlled by Facebook.

  8. Straight to the point Alex.
    Facebook Libra COIN going to make a joke from the blockechin and cryptocurrency as all. How can trust them anyway.

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