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What Does The R3 News REALLY Mean?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Ripple should change the term XPring as Spring is the greatest JAVA Enterprise framework ever created. For those who do not know what JAVA is, JAVA is one of the most used programming languages in corporate applications on the server side, powers you android phones and many digital tv platforms. A rebrand of XPring is appropriate if you know what Spring is 😀

  2. I think SBI went to Ripple and R3 and said… "You guys can keep fighting and spend tens of millions in lawsuits OR Ripple can give R3 xxx amount of XRP and R3 will agree to use it first on the network, and in this way you will make billions of dollars instead of going bankrupt" (so to speak)…. Its not rocket science. the key here is R3 says xrp will be first just like the ripple network can use other assets to settle so can R3 but in the finance world XRP will be first to market and have the lions share, just as BTC did on these crypto exchanges…. jm2c

  3. If you think xrp is still a scam then you're honestly a pawn and easily manipulated. Its okay to disagree about it, but to put your feelings in it and disagree then my GOD.

  4. Bought more XRP. Need to slave away at the salt mines to get more slave fiat to convert to the greatest digital asset ever created

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