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What I Believe Happens With Ripple And XRP

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
Daily XRP News
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  1. Just waiting on the slow Central Banks to get their digital currencies setup. Wouldn't doubt if all the Central Banks will be the ones who buy a piece of Ripple when they IPO. The they'll all also own a percentage of Ripples escrowed XRP.

    Then half the supply of XRP will be used for global payments to establish a price and the other half will be held by Central Banks like their personal piggie banks.

  2. I have to say that most of the time I give you a tombs down for multiple reasons( 1 of them is the poor audio) but this time even if you had tornado sirens on or I had to put the speaker close to my ear, I would give 100 tombs up if I could….Good job keep it up! I can always go back in yours old videos and chance the TOMBS down to up!!!!!

  3. If the debt problem is to be solved by XRP you are affectively creating a whole lot more money to add to the world and if that was the goal how would that be different to just getting every country to print an equal amount of money that would represent the value of the debt to wipe it out. It would be good for an expect to write an article or do a video explaining the impact or logic of using XRP to wipe the debt. I’m not that person.

  4. What exactly moves the value of XRP…bitcoin seems to? india allowing its use… Banks/companies making agreements…no? So what makes it value grow for the consumer….

  5. I missed XRP at 0.04 cent because i listened to the bitcoin maxi's. ( The Model B's ) Now i have XRP and im looking forward to the future.

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