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What is gong on? Ripple David Schwartz Blog; The XRP Ledger

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. its only affecting you if you are messing around and day trading. After reflecting on the past few years of being seriously into this space I realize If I had not been acting like an idiot trying to make that big money quickly and just held….I would be IN A VERY GOOD PLACE RIGHT NOW. In terms of holding I've been holding seriously for only about a year. XRP isn't being manipulated (it is being manipulate but by the whales that are manipulating the others but not by miners)….BTC, LTC, ETH are, because of who and what has taken over the majority of mining and the people who hoarded coins in the early days and made massive amounts of money. So as I've said before ….if you want to gamble, fuck around in the BTC/LTC/ETH space….everything is down now, I would buy if I had the money. Especially LTC……other wise if you hold XRP….just continue to hold it and leave it there. If you want to take a chance….go ahead and move your holdings to one of the other volatile coins.

  2. I sold all my PoW coins (Bitcoin and Ethereum) some time ago. No PoW coins for me!! I'm 90+% invested in XRP with some exposure to EOS, Cardano, and Stellar. Just a matter of time before XRP dominates totally!! Love your videos and input ERI!!!!!

  3. Amazing concept eri. Even though am at loss right down due to the current market situation. I believe things would be back to normal and the unexpected would happen soon. Stacking up more ripple and Tokoin so to take good use of this current dip.

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