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What Makes a Good Crypto Project?

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  1. Replying to a pricing question and comparing xrp vs btc

    look at btc and where it went and what it is, with so many secrets and it went to where it did…. now take a close look at xrp and simply compare the two, so if xrp becomes a global instrument for the world we now have something transparent and backed with protection by regulations for all the world then xrp will make btc look like a drop in a bucket compared between the two, btc is dirty no regulations and nobody has taken responsibly over it and whether or not it was manipulated to go as high as it did it may be the novelty of the crypto world, and if the whales drop out because of a chosen world currency then btc is basically dead for the most part !

    if i had to guess on a price on xrp if it becomes everything that its being developed to become and if it doesn't split or do something weird due to regs, then it could reach around 50k during its first stabilization stage, and thats in a very short time and possibly hit an unimaginable price that will befuddle the world making millionaire, billionaires and higher, we will be a world of the extreme haves and have nots… so quest is is Are You Ready! #$$$

  2. Sams criticisms of the 5 percent of Bitcoin leaving the network make zero sense. It’s actually embarrassing that you bring this up all the time 🤦‍♂️

  3. i think paypal is already tied into ripplenet. if they want to send bitcoin cheaply, they will use btc -> xrp-> xrp-> btc on the ilp. they started having instant transfers into bank accounts for very cheap last year. always been saying this

  4. The few in the know will buy crypto but 90% of the pop will sell everything to accurate cash because crypto is new to them and they dont fully trust it or they just don't know yet. But im expecting a huge dump in markets… buying XRP at 10 cents or less

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