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What’s the Hold Up?

Daily XRP News

I cover a few news items related to regulatory delays, Bank of America, the World Bank, and Temenos.

Daily XRP News


  1. Not buying it. I doubt Ripple would put all their eggs in one basket. Also if BOA is not using XRP then that would drastically keep the price down which would not be in Ripples best interest… so what does ripple get out of it?

  2. RIPPLE XRP just won't result monetary sovereignty but ALSO will free those lost souls [including me] from long term CORPORATE SLAVERY. I come to work everyday PRAYING that $589 will soon free me from my computer shackles and miserable co-workers that make life at work simply unsustainable. Could you XRP guys imagine how many new job openings will be created when the next crypto bull market arrives? I will be nothing short of a REVOLUTION!

  3. I still believe in crypto, but this bear market is getting really old. I started last year in September and HODLed way too long and lost out in so many profits. I did not expect $700 billion to leave the market in a few months! I took back about 30% of my initial investment and I am grateful for that. So much good news this year and the prices keep going down! It makes no sense and the marketcap is far less this time around vs. last year. Then again I got excited over a bear cartoon and Batman character reject! I would be happy if we just repeat 2017 year end, but doesn't look it unless there is a massive run in 1 month. I dunno, but hurry up and WAIT!

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