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What’s This About Trump Banning Cryptocurrencies?

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This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Ahhhhhh, but what does this say about our government??
    So much happens behind the scenes we dont know about. So much secrecy, we only see and hear what they want us to.
    Remember that.

  2. I understand about btc, I've seen oppertunities even down at under 4k, mitch calling bottom, But I just couldn't do it from that fundamental perspective, makes loads more sense long term my money in xrp, just not knowing when the pop happens. but it's coming.

  3. I think this is a push from the conservative side to make sure The commies in Venezuela do not get any support from the United States in promoting and profiting from this new coin. Personally that’s ok with me for two reasons: I hate communism, and if it does provide a “blueprint” for congress to start banning specific cryptocurrencies, well, that’s why I decided to long XRP on this dip back into the 20 cent range. I don’t think XRP will be one of the Crypto’s if any get banned from here.

  4. Sorry guys/gals… no man has the right to tell another man what to do.. create all the unconstitutional codes/laws/policies… one wants… null and void on its face.

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  6. Its a turd to them that won't flush! so they either going to adopt it. If they ban it! this will give it a light to be used in the wrong way. If they start using it, which they will as its easier to use through regulations things will shift better for them and us. When its announced which ones will be used a lot of the crap coin with no use will be scrapped. End of story.

  7. Dude, you just did an entire video on a FUD article. SMH TBH FAM. This is the same as the article that said "Trump executive order to ban vaping, could ban bitcoin just as easy". Their is no correlation. Trust me, i know bitcoin is an inferior tech and will fade away as mass adoption of digital assets takes place, but this trump will ban bitcoin is just the fud flavor of the week. Use some critical thinking skills, i expect better from you alex…

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