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Where Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Will Trump Replace Her? Tribunals Continue

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  1. Go, Trump, Go!!! So many are brainwashed by the propaganda spewed daily. I have never seen such disrespect in all my years, and I have lived through MANY Presidents! Great video, Josh!

  2. Donald Trump is a good person to lead the fight for our country & freedom back, although he can not win this fight alone. All freedom loving Americans need to help our President in this fight.. No need for violence, just continuously spread truth, contact your congress people and let them know how you feel when everything POTUS does, they fight… God bless all patriots…

  3. Loved the President Address! Also excited to see Amy Barret on the SC. But I pray for RBG. I dont wish ill on anyone… just that they learn the truth. I totally agree on everything else in this video as well! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. RBG in the hospital recovering from lung surgery. The cable networks just ran Trumps's screed. He mentioned nothing about declaring a national emergency.

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