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White House Advisory Does Not Include XRP And Ripple

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Our local noodle bar charges 30 baht ($1) and are saying many of their customers cannot afford to eat there now. Same day we went for lunch at another bigger, popular noddle bar that have been at their same location for 25 years. They said they have never seen it so bad. The roadside BBQ chicken man who we have bought from for 10 years said he normally sells out by 07.00 and goes off to do his second job but now he still has 3 or 4 chickens left at 08.30. People stopped buying so much bottled gas and went back to buying charcoal. Used wood and trees suitable for burning to make charcoal is running out fast. Then what? Banks are not lending. Land and property sales are just not happening at all. People are taking 7 year loans to buy cars and pickups instead of just 2 or 3 years. A man in a nearby village hanged himself a few days ago due to having no ability to feed and take care of his family. Training and language centres are popping up to send Thai workers overseas more. The need for cheaper, faster cross border payments is increasing all the time. If the SEC in the US is delaying this innovation then they should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Official definition of recession. "Two consecutive quarters of negative GDP". Markets to hit new highs. 2.25 points in federal reserve revolver. Liquidity ++. Europe negative bond rates make the dollar stronger, and long bond attractive. RV sales are due to an antiquated industry. Like cable TV.

  3. XRP. Yes I own it. My concerns? Ripple Labs is a totally separate from XRP. And legally. So, who's to say XRP is not finding a closed non public company? Bag holding XRP coin holders. Again I own XRP. But Ripple needs to show some transparency, in relation to XRP. If not? It's three card shell game. It's a dice roll. 25k coins for me. If I could buy ripple labs, common stock, I would throw 500k at it. So, 10k on a dice roll, currently disappointed but staying in the game as hopeful Garlinghouse has a soul.

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