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Who Could Have Possibly Seen This Coming?

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This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I live in NYC.
    With the corruption of NYPD, a disgrace of a Mayor, and a blatant disregard for the general wellbeing of citizens (seemingly everywhere), EVERYONE here could see this coming. First Amendment rights don't exist here, there's no such a thing as a "peaceful protest" without physical assault from police. The heightened emotions from the pandemic, the on-going killing of innocent citizens by police, high unemployment, AND a corrupt political system where it doesn't matter who is running the show leads to an obvious outcome. Voting people out of office won't, and hasn't, done anything – the system is rigged and both sides play for the same team. People have been pushed to the edge, many left with nothing to lose.
    The most dangerous thing you can have is a person with nothing left to lose. The quicker people realize that the upper echelon has been employing the tactic of "divide and conquer", the quicker people (the "99%") will realize that collectively we hold the power by working together. This country is turning into a travesty.

  2. Sam is right. You tell me what's going to happen.
    20-30 million unemployed
    40-50% of those people won't have jobs coming back
    Eviction courts open back up in June
    Forbearances run out in a month or so
    You tell me what happens when the economy and society collapses. Because THAT'S what is coming.

  3. Big fan Sam.

    The riot was not peaceful like you stipulated before the guy in the tactical gear (who was in another shot that you haven't played – maybe because it doesn't fit the narrative?) Who was walking side by side with the man (black – not that that matters) who was also in the video you did show woth the pizza box and was chatting and walking with him after the effect very casually, not saying its not a cop but you have no proof it was.

    This was a bad situation, unforgettable and unforgivable, AND I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR COVERAGE.

    But what is the narrative here? You say you are trying to educate people but you are spreading stuff with no factual backing…is this not has bad has CNN by feeding the propaganda?

    My apologies if I'm wrong but it appears to be alot of allegations with now proof to fit the narrative?

    What is the overall TLDW message you want to get to people?

    I can't tell if its;

    Fight the government and riot (burn your own plantation)?

    Dont listen to you goverment and don't listen but do nothing but be aware?

    Or something else?

    Cheers Sam! Take care and stay safe.

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