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Why Bitcoin Maximalists Should LOVE Ripple and XRP. (XRP HATERS PLEASE WATCH)

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I still have dozens of BTC, but I wouldn’t call myself a maximalist. I Hold other digital assets including XRP. For the sake of XRP investors, I hope (and believe) you are wrong regarding the use case and nature of XRP. Why would banks, governments, large FI, and other financial elites implement and support an asset that gives them less control? They wouldn’t. That’s not how the system works. World bank and IMF are embracing Ripple for a reason. Ripple literally sales it’s technology in a manner that promises reduced costs, more transparency, reduced friction, faster transaction and greater control over payments. Banks don’t care about leveling the playing field or things being equal. And governments and world agencies certainly don’t care about relinquishing control! XRP should be embraced for what it is – a government/bank tied digital asset that makes things faster and cheaper for large institutions. Ripple and XRP hope to disrupt SWIFT. BTC hopes to disrupt the world system of monetary control. And because Proof of work is not sustainable, I believe another coin that’s yet to be identified will be used to disrupt daily payments for goods and services. And It won’t be BTC or XRP.

  2. XRP is the bitcoin for the banking system. It lets the small banks have a fair shake when competing against the larger banks. This new tech isn’t intentional meant to take power away from the big banks but by nature it will.

  3. Invested in both, but this demo is a great idea well done!!! I think the no bank at all world is still in the mind of money which might take some time but there will always be some type of a bank

  4. I'm 35 Alex and I can tell you are on the right path. At 18 I was very active like you and wrote my first patent 3 years later it granted. Trust me don't ever lose that side of creativity and vision it will help you in the long run 😉.

  5. Who owns majority of xrp….RIPPLE….Centralized…..Xcurrent gives Ripple the abilityto have it in all ways.They are (Ripple is running with IMF,BIS,WORLD Bank….

  6. It is not entirely correct what you say. While early adopters of XRAPID / XCURRENT technology will soon increase profit margins, other banks will be forced to adopt ripple technology, or a similar one if it exists, in order to compete with those banks that are necessarily more competitive, thanks to ripple technology. Those who adopt it first will be able to position themselves in the market in a better way, "stealing" customers from those who are more backward, offering more effective and cheaper products. Eventually, ripple technology, or similar, will be the norm, and banks that do not adapt will have problems and are likely to be absorbed, depending on their size, of course. That is pure capitalism. Cheers!

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