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Why Did The XRP Ledger Hit 127 Transactions Per Second?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. @Alex Cobb Feel like busting fud? Sam's new video is full of comments saying that price of xrp will never rise for us because of some private ledger

  2. @AlexCobb can we PLEASE get a good, clear tutorial on how to safely move ETC20 tokens off on an exchange and onto our Ledger Nano, for the novices in the group. YouTube vids out there are not very clear, seem to skip steps/ explanations and assume user understanding is at a higher level. Not your job, I know, but maybe people in the community can help. I'm SURE that I am not alone in this realm. Exchanges are getting hacked, due diligence has been made from securing non ETC20 tokens on the ledger, but the process of moving and securing tokens from the exchange to MEW to Ledger is convoluted, inconsistent between "how to" videos, and there needs to be a concise explanation on how to do it. I and we appreciate any help that you or the community can give.

  3. Banks are using the private ledger for transactions and not the public ledger, which SamIam is telling us in his latest video in details. Maybe we are being fooled by Ripple and they don't need us the retail investors anymore. His theory seems to be true… What is your opinion about this? I would like to have your opinion about this private ledger theory which is I believe more important than anything else at the moment.

  4. Hey man, I love your video's. And I don't mean to hate because I love hearing good news regarding Ripple and/or XRP. But since this hasn't been confirmed you gotta consider the fact that this number could be photoshopped.

  5. Alex. Please tell us how banks using privet ledger will effect price of xrp? Every day we see millions of xrp moving back and forth. It’s not effecting volume. Price keep going down. Don’t you think that banks and ripple have there own plans and it’s definitely not about price of xrp? Please tell us what you think about it. Seriously and without all hype. Thank you

  6. I am not sure to trust it anymore..indeed…maybe Ripple do not need retail investments…price goes down and down..this is NOT ok.

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