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Why I KNOW This Market is Coming Back… and XRP Will Eventually Lead It

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. I believe you have it correct about XRP but for the wrong reasons.

    AT $100K/btc the miners get $180 million/day.

    Do I really need to say anything else? Think about that.

    At $250K/btc they get$450 million/day. They need to sell most of it to break even at this point(paying for expenses).

    Do you really think btc can handle that much downward pressure?

    Has any asset in the history of the planet had 1/10th that much downward pressure for a period of time?

    ^ is the reason I know that no POW crypto will ever go up significantly in price. It can't because of the EXTREME downward pressure.

    That is the reason it stopped at $20K. That is the real reason it is dropping now.

    Think about that for a bit.

    XRP will take over or much less likely some other non-POW crypto.

    I do not believe the infrastructure is yet ready for smart contract cryptos. In short as a long time software engineer we all know that bugs happen writing code. There needs to be a more formal way to deal with this before smart contract cryptos make it.

    As a result simple transfer of value cryptos will be the first wave. No POW, no smart contract, no anonymous cryptos….does not leave much left.

  2. All the people your talking about who come in to make money they invest on millions sn even $1 makes them millions, so it make no difference.

  3. I really believe that these elites / institutions already know about XRP and their plans are already in place. XRP’s price is unfortunately artificially held down for this purpose. They know more about what XRP will do for the world economy than we do. A lot of head fakes going on with plenty of misdirection. This is just my opinion. God bless and take care.

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