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Why Military Tribunals Can’t Be Public (For Now) Trump v. Pelosi Discussion

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I had heard there was brand new video cable run from GITMO to the states so that they'd be televised. Maybe just for the situation room then.

  2. Your eyes are a trip….
    Yes power in not showing hand
    Trump and co.
    too clever & analytical
    Trumps playing with the elites the puppet masters of deep state …let them hang themselves so to speak.
    Gods wrath is brutal
    Reep what you sow
    Im too poor to feed the bear
    Sorry ….

  3. The BOLSHEVIKS have arrived – they are preparing the gulags – research history – they are the biggest mass murderers in history. Forget all this "facist" and "nazi" bs, you are looking in the wrong direction.

  4. When the gov shutdown did chemtrails stop? Are things improving or are they telling they are. Separate from Q tails what has improved. N.Y. approved baby murder for organ harvesting or is it the bill that passed in NY that we much pay for their college? Their goal is to bankrupt our country. For 2 mins, what if there is no Q…could conservatives handle that with current events? Take Q out of the equation and what would we do…freak out and take leaders down? They're are afraid of that because we could…fight. fantasy is better than reality?

  5. the biggest enemy is the media.. "never let your enemy know what you are doing" "win the war before it has even started" – Donald Trump …. of course the media and deep state is watching these..but will not report, they do not know what to do with it.. deep state owns most of the media and do not want to drive any attention because of all the proof…. they will not report anything negative about themselves.. so they sort of know..they are watching..

  6. Hi Joshie, Q post 700 which was posted 1/27/18 says clearly 3 weeks ..and calls it suicide weekend.I believe Q posts are posted one year ahead of time, he also said that they are ahead of schedule by 2 days ? If true the statement made by Trump to open for 3 weeks only is perfectly in line with q post 700. I apologise if you already know this…I think we should be looking at all q posts this way, maybe that’s why he always says ‘future proves past ‘

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