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Why People HATE XRP

Daily XRP News

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Why the Most Successful people have the most haters

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I look at it this way it is a blessing for XRP not to be rising It is a better time to buy and later on will be Rewarded

  2. Trump won't be impeached, the Democrats will not be able to get the necessary votes, to make it happen. He is for all intents and purposes an outsider. He is not really liked by his own party, but they will not support an impeachment. He was a better choice than Hillary Clinton. His saving grace is that he is receptive to cryptocurrencies, eg: XRP. So, I believe his tenure as the US president, will be beneficial to crypto overall.

  3. "the revolution that is enabled by blockchain technology is not gonna
    happen from outside the SYSTEM, is going to happen from within the
    system", brad garlinghouse said in one of the interviews. And he's so
    confidential with that, as everybody at this time should be. Do you
    really think that they will let us do whatever the bitcoin maximalist
    say? really? I have been a btc holder since the early days (2011) but at
    this point don't you think that the "system" will take over? since the
    idea of btc came into light it has attracted the interest of goverment
    and banks because it tries to kick them out of business, and if you
    really think and hope that this is going to happen before (at least) 100
    yrs you're not crazy, you're utopic. Most of the people around the
    world are somehow confidential with banks and despite all the crashes
    happened in the past year they see those institutions as the best (and
    the only) place where to store their money. It will take time for an
    eventual revolution like the one of btc to take place and to be accepted
    by the mankind, for now my opinion is that xrp is the best solution
    within all the projects based on blockchain technology: we will still be
    ruled by the banking system but at least they will reduce drammatically
    the theft of our hard worked money and make it easier for us to
    transfer fund on a global scale with extremely low prices and timing. In
    Italy we say that's the best in within the worse! despite being the
    "bankster coin" (it isn't) it provides an unique solution that will
    unlock almost 20 trillion dollars locked in nostrovostro accounts, set
    them free in the market. If btc maximalist do really take care of
    people's freedom (but they do not, they're just worried about the HUGE
    LOSS they've seen since december 2017) there's no reason to stop the
    happening of this revolution. It's a small step towards decentralisation
    and economical freedom, just accept it, buy xrp and stop hating. You'll
    get full pocket, healthy liver and cheaper+faster transactions. Most of
    the world's citizens are still uncapable of using facebook and basic
    computer tools, do you really expect them to be able to use private
    keys, authenticators, ecc ecc? wake up people, that's the only way this
    revolution can start, by includind the "enemy" and let them think that
    we can start a never-ending friendship

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