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Why Ripple XRP Price Could Explode To New Highs In 2019

Daily XRP News

Ripple and XRP value increased all year with the price staying suppressed. Its only a matter of time before the price follows.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Don't lose focus. This EOY stuff is clouding our thoughts. Without a doubt, Ripple is dominating the competition. It's not rocket science to see that. I didn't put my money in this space because of some riddle, or picture, or bear, or person, or YT channel/s. People need to grow up and take actions for themselves. So many negative comments in XRP videos these past few days.

  2. Hello Brad, I was wondering what you thought of the escrow that is up for sale each month by Ripple. They make 1b available for sale each month and what they do not sell rolls back into escrow. They are selling about 320m a month now, this is at fractions of the price and specifically for institutional use. Might we see a more sustainable price for XRP when the full 1b is sold each month, leaving some institutions to wait for the next month for more or have to go to the retail market?

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