Why Ripple/XRP Price Never Increases & Why When It Does We’ll Become The Future 1%..NOT IF BUT WHEN

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Xrp will just be a stablecoin. Ripple just dumping xrp on the market as they wish. Im in it so i will hodl but i think they taking us for a ride.

  2. Those who are anxious and awaiting price movement need to think with logic. XRP is NOT meant to pump like crazy like other alts. In order to carry out its purpose it needs to be as stable as can be. As time goes on demand will slowly drive its price up.
    This is NOT a get rich quick overnight method. If you desire to make money fast jump into bitcoin. The people who stay shitting on XRP are probably the ones who missed the Bitcoin train and are mad because other coins dont follow. But in a few years time those who hold will be rewarded. I promise you that.

  3. BAKKT does not and will not have XRP futures and if they do it's years, YEARS away. My honest take. XRP has years remaining sub 1 us dollar. And so far, there has been absolutely nothing that says otherwise. Some may say news , but news, relationships, new corridors, added exchange pairs, new on-ramps, new business for associates, new investments, new exchanges, interledger protocol that allows XRP to be a bridge asset, new links to other financial institutions, increased traffic on the XRP ledger and so on and so on. All of which looks damn good and truly means positive things for the business of Ripple and for those businesses who've decides to join Ripple. However, it all has not meant a damn thing for XRP and by the looks of things won't mean anything for years and years to come as far as XRP is concerned. The single only thing that can happen is one day, people will speculate into the market but until then, there is too much left available at (.29 -.32). Enough to satisfy the market for the next 10 years at .32 cent

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