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Why Ripple's Investment in MoneyGram is Such a Big Deal

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Listen to a couple of excepts from an interview with MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes. Ripple and XRP adoption is about to start moving forward very very quickly. Hold on to your hats.


Daily XRP News
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  1. They Beta tested already. I heard Brad G. say on Bloomberg that Xrapid proved instantly what Moneygram took 10 years to do. Moneygram loved it so much, they cut Ripple in their company. This is huge, and Sam will be vindicated for his $50 overnight perdiction soon. TURN ON THE MACHINES !

  2. @To The Lifeboats – Great find Sam! Yes the expansion of the network, that's what's key here, for both sides a win-win, but it is what will jump-start Ripple and XRP in the world of finance. The broader vision of Ripple!
    Very, very exciting times ahead!!!

  3. Am I wrong by saying xrp wont increase gradually but will jump phases like sudden 50 100 or 200 dollars ?
    Please comment Sam.
    Great video like always!

  4. Everyone invested in XRP should be excited after hearing this clip. Here you have the CEO of Moneygram, a major financial company with thousands of locations around the world praising xRapid, XRP, Ripple and telling you that they are going to use it on a large scale. WTF else do you need!? Sit back and enjoy the ride!!!! Liquidity is what is going to make all of us rich and there's a large piece of the liquidity puzzle right there. What a time to be alive!!!! Thanks Sam! Keep up the great work!

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