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Why Swift GPI’s 14-Second “Settlement” . . . isn’t

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SWIFT GPI Instant settles in 14 seconds!!!! Well, not exactly. I break down why GPI will never truly compete with Ripplenet, and how SWIFT’s 14-second “settlement” – isn’t.

SWIFT’s Propagandist article about GPI Trials with the FAST system:

CryptoCurrency Youtuber Bob:

Ripple’s GPI Articles:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

How the banking system works:

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  1. The bottom line is while GPI Instant is faster than it was it settles with fiat and requires Nostro (pre funded accounts at other banks). Thus, it will never be as fast as anything from Ripple using XRP and will not take care of the liquidity issue….unless they start using R3 Corda with XRP and even then I am not sure how that would work given the rails set up for SWIFT GPI…

  2. SWIFT : the tracking, controlling, sanctions and tariffs enforcing- and KYC / AML-Tool, the US petro dollar dominance "pistol" – AND – the exchange rates impacting on trade. "Level paying field". It can not be, that ONE nations economy and policies dictate the rest of the world. Does it work? did it?

    The New Global Financial System of 2030 << #XRP >> UN – The Sustainable Development Agenda 2030- SDR / SDG << links

    Global STABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY and GROWTH. If you have problems understanding the growth importance, think about the exponential growth of human population in the last 40 and next 20 years. Probabilities : National crisis = civil war. Global financial crisis = world war?

    many trees.. so difficult to see the forest ..

    what role and purpose has swift?

    what role and purpose has ripple-net?

    interaction is unavoidable ! unless one makes the other totally obsolete, which is not going to happen over night.

    this has nothing to do with "connect the dots per-mature brain ejaculations" (seen too often in the so called xrp-community), Who founded Swift, when and why. What did it became over the years? Are there other alternative ways and methods to full-fill its role?

    While we are waiting for "confirmations" (good luck).. other people worry about other questions like the ones above

  3. If we unlocked all the nostro capital in the world, flooding the world with cash, wouldn't that devalue the US dollar? Which is what Trump as said he wants to do.

  4. Sam what is your opinion about the possible TPS of XRP? Up to now it is 1.500 TPS and as far as I know it will be up to 10,000 TPS in the future through payment channels. But is that really enough? I mean you know what Ripple is planning with the ILP – The internet of value. For that case it seems to me the 10,000 TPS might be far to few TPS. Sure I know they have some clever people over there in SF. Maybe you have investigated that matter already? Greetings from Germany.

  5. From our standpoint, the solution to the debate — of whether banks will ever adopt Ripple/XRP or just stay with Swift — is to diversify. Don't go all in on any one crypto — and don't go all in on cryptos (there are still other non-crypto investment opportunities out there).

  6. LB, you said it like it is, and I like the way how you exposed and break down the SWIFT GPI system with their so-called 25 and 13 seconds "settlement" which only the result after long negotiation behind the will be exposed very soon in the near future if not already. Above all, and most importantly, the big banks who profit from the 28 trillion Nostro fund system wants to hold on to their Nostro monopoly on the financial system of the world.

  7. Well said Sam. Swift is a superseded technology the fat cats want to keep around for their own benefit. The thing is, how many smaller banks and payment providers will use a better tech when the green light is switched on? And why would they use an inferior technology with strings attached ? Come on people, you really think these companies/banks don't know what's going on?

  8. TLB, your video on the empire have a two-fold message actual and subliminal, so let talk about the latter, Nostros, a term derived from the Latin word for "ours," in plain language to those banks who are not part of the Nostro cabal, they saying to it our money, Nostro /Vostro, ours/ yours, A Vostro account is an account that a correspondent bank, usually located in the United States or the United Kingdom, holds on behalf of a foreign bank and SWIFT is located Belgium. Now, is a coinincedient that three countries in a different era were number one in controlling human capital and resource! And where there was never a level playing field, and now, they are using SWIFT GPI with deception to preserve the Nostro/ Vostro fund, and to prevent the process of the level playing field in finance and the internet of value, take notice, when you control one's money you automatically control them and you do not underestimate the dept and stranglehold that this slave system has upon this world of ours and with over 23 trillion-dollar at their disposal, so now you see why Ripple/XRP is the most despised of all digital asset for it going shake up the old guard SWIFT and not bitcoin.
    So, XRP holders the best digital asset is in your hands and your future wealth the choice is yours.


  9. Love all the thorough and sound information.
    you always educate & (I think) entertain.
    I like my humor a little on the sarcastic side!

  10. Bob has said multiple times that xrp can get to 30 to 50 dollars in the long term and that it is him biggest holding. But hey, keep on lying for views.

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