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Why was former SEC Hinman allowed to promote Ethereum

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi eri. I still believe ripple/ xrp will win the case, but as for any criminal charges brought to those at the sec and and those who was at the sec when the case was started isn't going to happen! Too much corruption in the government, and more people from different agencies probably involved so I don't think America is going to want the rest of the world how really bad they are. 🇬🇧

  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date and all the hard work, you put in your research for news and facts.
    I'm afraid markets will crash more and more, before there will be a decoupling and our future-proof assets will rise to the sky. And I hope it will be #XRP #XLM #ALGO #HBAR #IOTA #XDC #ADA.
    We should never give up the fight against corruption all over the world!

  3. Because he was bought off and given a big bag of ETH, along with who knows how many bureaucrats and politicians. There's not enough rope that is needed.

  4. Perkins Coie involved in the free pass speech.
    Perkins Coie involved in Russian Collusion hoax.
    Gary Gensler runs the show and ignores it all while hammering the better tech while they beg for clarity.
    Rumor has it that Gary Gensler (Hillary's campaign CFO) misappropriated Hillary's campaign funds to pay for Russian collusion hoax.
    And now, Special Counsel John Durham has Hillary's attorney Michael Sussman by the gonads along with Rodney Joffe (cyber security expert) for a slew of high crimes including treason. (I.E. Joffe literally tracked Trump's movements electronically even after the inauguration)
    I'm very hopeful that Durham's investigation is going to tear down the entire house of cards, which will include Perkins Coie. That won't bode well for Hinman if this xrp case gets any broader and more in depth.

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