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Why Will XRP Price Rise?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. You are also correct about market cap about all other asset except cryptocurrency . You are 100% wrong with crypto . In stock market First the valuation is done based on total value of a company. For ex. Moon Lambo rocket company is valued at 100 million and if they want to issue IPO then Moon Lambo can issue 100 million shares at $1 each . You can keep 50% of company and sell other 50% to the public. Then moon lambo got 50 million dollar but owns 50% of company and other 50% owned by other share holders . This company still has market cap of 100 million . If somebody wants to buy whole company then that somebody must pay 100 million or more to get control Moon lambo rocket co. Cryptocurrency works much differently specially premined coin like XRP . The real value is only realized if anybody can pay any money . That is why circulating supply is used in market cap . If Ripple wanted all the supply to become part of trading then you would see XRP price less than half of current price and market cap would be the same.. For the same reason they do not consider 21 million bitcoin for total market cap . They only use what is in traders hand (Mined coin). At one point or another somebody paid for those coins . Somebody bought pizza for 10000 bitcoin . There is value . Anather ex. Moon Lambo rocket comes out and wants to issue new 900 million share one dollar each . This issue will fail because investors are not stupid to buy 100 million evaluation to turn into 1000 million market cap . This does not happen in regular asset class . You have half the knowledge about market cap . Why do you think Ripple Inc. was evaluated only $4.7 billion when XRP owned by Ripple is worth over 25 billion dollar . If somebody wants to buy Apple then they have to pay more than current market cap of apple and not less . There is also difference between value and price , the price can be higher or lower than value .

  2. Channel name may have an affect, however my opinion is that solid information is more important. Second, I think length of videos has something to do with steady views. One xrp channel I watch packs every video with articles on the screen. I feel that adds huge credibility and contributes to being “solid” info. Tbh I think his videos could be a minute longer but being around 6 minutes and packed with articles on the screen, he keeps me glued and looking forward to his next video. I also like that he promotes his next video being uploaded “tomorrow.”

    Just my opinion but I think it’s something to think about.

  3. Xrp has several issues. First of all the company behind it reaps all the benefits. Thus the value is in the ripple and not in the xrp. Secondly, it cannot shake off the lawsuit and clear it name from it being the security. Thus, any big investors would have problems with xrp. For these reasons xrp price cannot be up big.

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