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Will A Ripple XRP Verdict INCLUDE Accredited Investors Only? & Is THIS When The FED Will Buy-Back?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Great video. Question, though. At the end you mentioned only further sales to accredited investors, but you also mentioned a Fed buy back from retail. What does this mean for CURRENT XRP holders ???

  2. << Why retail sentiment is worse at 47k than 30k as that all these analysts assured retail that BTC would hit six figures by end of Dec and that Q4 is always bullish. As that didn't happen retail felt 'betrayed' and until BTC 'proves' itself they will stay away. For the smart money this gives us a window of opportunity to trade & stack more BTC, ETH, XRP etc. For me I trade with crypto analyst Chad Leon and have earned over 16btc lately. You too should try.. just saying,.!

  3. I see a lot of questions about buyback …. It doesn’t exist, no one is going to come along and pay you anything above market value (57p) for your XRP, it’s a fantasy created by YouTubers to increase viewers and subscribers, sorry.
    I’m telling you the truth because I realise there are some vulnerable investors who don’t know any better. If Ripple wins the price will rapidly go up to around £1-£5 if they lose it will drop to about 10p-40p. If your not in a position to lose everything cash out now if you can afford to lose your investment then gamble on a win – I am I bought in almost 2 years ago around 30p and I only invested what I was willing to lose. Please be careful there’s no switches to flip, no buybacks, no government adoption (well maybe Ripples software but not their currency – XRP) it’s simply an investment that will go up or down like any other investment. I watch a lot of these YouTubers and though there are some facts within there show the rest is just them telling you what you want to hear about an asset your emotionally attached to.

  4. Any buy back would only apply to US holders as the SEC has no control over the sale of XRP internationally. XRP could still be sold and traded by retail internationally and the only losers would be in the US unless they can trade on non-US exchanges. The other point is that the FED would have to make it a very nice price or else they could go pound sand. Any amount over $100 will spark some interest but few sellers. At $1k you can rest assured that you will get in the high 90's of the percent dial and offer $5k and only the accredited investors will remain.

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