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Will Airbnb “SuperHosts” crash the Housing Market?

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. So AirBNB empire builders killed housing affordability for everyone by inflated rents and prices, and then doubled and tripled down by borrowing money to do it again and again. Hopefully, this ends with the housing market finally correcting.

  2. A housing crash would be welcomed in the UK by the under 30s at least – the prices are way too high and youngsters are debt slaves because of the ridiculous prices. Greedy boomer landlords in particular deserve to get hit hard.

  3. Most of the people on there rent a property long term and then sub-let it, they will just lose their bond but the LANDLORDS are going to get royally screwed here… thinking their tenants were long-term not realising they were prostituting the property out

  4. I know real estate can be a good investment but I hate everything about it. First, the inflated cost there are homes that are 60 years old with poor insulation and no modern features that go for 20x what they went for 50 years ago. People think of themselves as so smart because they have access to credit. They buy a property use the equity to buy another property so on and so on. These people are all over YouTube and considered brilliant when the real word for them is over extended. There is so much fake wealth in our society and I'm truly scared this will be a reset.

  5. Super host here, one property, we got $448 which is bs, it was based on cancelled reservations, which for some reason they made it very difficult for cancelations to be executed on both sides of the platform (guest/host)

    Its laughable as our expected revenue to pay the mortgage, utilities, HOA, for the year is around $29k, we should be able to apply for disaster relief but can't because HUGE companies sucked up all the funds, luckily we still have our day jobs and hopefully can weather the storm without to much pain.

    For being the number one site, their platform, practices, policies are laughable

  6. awesome insight, subscribed!! people who truly owned property, will suffer loss of income, but not bankruptcy, unless they had expenses fit to that income.. which they did, but can cut back.. people who didnt own will go bankrupt and loose all property. those with real ability will start a new life, those just lucky will be happy not to go homeless.. tourism was a huge polluter and made beautiful places uninhabitable to locals

  7. According to that last chart you had up in your video, there were 660,000 listings in the US alone. That number alone could have a significant impact on the US housing market, should a large percentage of those properties go into default … Good info, Sam .. thanks fo the report!

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