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*WILL RIPPLE GIVE UP XRP ESCROW???* New SEC Chairman Is PRO CRYPTO… Watch US Treasury & Polysign

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. i saw a commercial here on you tube yesterday that sent me in another track of thought…
    It was advertising ALL OF THE SAME QUALITIES of XRP…But when he gave the name of it…?
    it was another name…CROSS BORDER PAYMENT SPEED< CHEAP COST…i was getting excited, I thought they were finally going to say it…but he gave another name…I think America is owned…and the ones who own it are too jealous, they need to have…excuse me, I mean "maintain" control of the money…and i have a nagging NAGGING FEAR…they ay are STEALING the whole thing from RIPPLE…somebody please tell me this cant be true… I'm new to all this. but im pretty intuitive, this is somethingt I woud NEVER want to think…but that commercial… sounded like an XRP commercial…but wasn't…did anyone else see that damn commercial? The crypto i think started with an A… crum I cant remember the name of it I have nevcer heard of it… but they were talking about it in IDENTICAL terms , how its going to revolutionize, bigger than the "Internet", a HIGH stress on speedy and cheap CROSS BORDER PAYMENTS…has anyone else seen this freakin' commercial yet? I think I was watching the Teeka Tiwari Ad and this other ad came on about the new REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTO being introduced that mimicks XRP perfectly.. PLEASE erase this message if it puts me in danger…i just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this it scared me. I'm still gonna hold though…

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