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Will the Real Satoshi Nakamoto Please Stand Up?

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My view on the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has changed. Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, Dave Klineman – all names associated with Satoshit, this episode we make sense of it and put the pieces together.

Here are the documents:

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  1. So this Soloshi is in prison where? Have anybody been in contact with him? I bet you if he is the real Satoshi he would be able to orchestrate a few things from within prison to claim his keys back being a criminal mastermind and all. Also Intelligence agencies should already know who he is because control of the money printing press is a national security issue and Satoshi is the father of the biggest progressing "counterfeit (crypto)" ever. Knowledge is power!

  2. There are computers that can break that encryption in less than a 1000 years but they are not in the hands of the public. You likely got him killed by the NSA Sam. LOL

  3. Sam you need to do an emergency video about the hacks at gatehub, several accounts have had there xrp withdrawn and gatehub appears to be trying to wash their hands clean of the incident, fortunately I had taken your advice and removed mine from the exchange, nano s best money spent besides the initial investment in xrp

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