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World Bank Leaks – Ripple to Replace SDR?

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Thanks to a handful of people on Twitter that brought these two documents to my attention, we have very real evidence that suggests Ripple/XRP are preparing to replace the SDR.

The implications for the price of XRP are profound. Who can you help understand what an incredible opportunity sits in front of us all?

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  1. Sam, I just seen this, WOW! I am convinced, bbgs prediction of $589 makes sense. His image and codes are based on this theory. Obviously, we know if this was to happen, it would be end of of 2018 since his prediction was eoy of 2018. But what month, November or December?

  2. love your stuff but don't think for one minute we will be selling anything to the Rothschild's, just saying, that would be awesome really hope you are right

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