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XinFin’s XDC becomes leading token on R3 Corda w/ DASL crypto bridge, Goldman Sachs offering Crypto

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I would argue that BTC is here to stay because the powers that be have apparently gone all-in with their $$$. The marketing campaign has been massive, spanning several years.

  2. “All the money” just keeps getting whittled away. MoneyGram. R3. B2C2. All finding new partners. Even SBI has pivoted to mining and $10 Kitao san leaves the Ripple Board. No sign of Coil, Polysign, Agoric? Flare postpones their airdrop. I am sure the Army has excuses…ah, I mean explanations, but “where there is smoke”.

  3. XDC is a distraction. Crypto Eri is a great youtuber/researcher however I do have a dissenting view from Eri with regard to XDC; and, this video has not convinced me otherwise. For one, all the articles she provided covering XinFin were one sided from the viewpoints of XinFin, no one from R3, the only individuals quoted in the articles were XinFin employees. I encourage anyone to try to find anything from R3 employees saying anything positive about this, I'll wait.

    Also how about going to the R3 website and looking up Xinfin or XDC and see what you find—absolutely nothing. Then look up XRP or Ripple on the R3 website and you will find boatloads of info!!! XDC is a distraction. Now, I'm not saying it won't appreciate in price in the short term, of course it will heck look at Doge haha. As of right now XDC is a great short term coin because of the hype surrounding it however I'd caution taking massive profits off the table if you get a 4 or 5x gain from it.

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