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XRP $0.40 Incoming Very Soon. We Are In The Next Bull Cycle

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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  2. Nice TA bro alex keep it up,you can also consider the volume spike in the break of the bull flag,check the MA ribbon template,if we stay above in daily TF,it will continue its bull run(xrp)

  3. Alex you do a great job for the community and have so much to be proud of. You have a great passion for success at a young age that is not in 99percent of the kids your age. Regardless of what people say pro or con about weed here is what I can tell you. When I finish work and listen to YouTube content, I generally will get a two finger pour of a good bourbon taken neat with a cigar. Probably 4 days a week and other nights just a soft drink. The bourbon sipped over an hour NEVER changes my bodies physiology or ability to operate heavy equipment in any way shape or form but when my kids who are your age put that pipe or joint up to their lips, it is for the expressed purpose of getting high. Let that sink in. On another note, been in the game since pre bullrun 3 years ago and I am about 7k away from erasing my losses in the market!! I am totally pumped about xrp taking off and giving me a great level of financial security! This is getting exciting!

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  5. Alex – no way XRP is going to have any major price gains until Ripple and Jedd cutback on their massive dumps. The writings been on the wall for years now. Why do you keep ignoring this fact?

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