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XRP +17% In 7 Days , Coinbase IPO And Ripple Continues Bitcoin / Ethereum Beatdown

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. "XRP the greatest digital asset ever created that no one ever used". Thats what will be in written in Ripples tombstone!

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  3. Wow so many good interviews I've never been able to hear. Amazing. Maybe in the future we can get subtitles or dia can actually listen to one of his videos and balance the audio. Do you need MY kid to draw you a picture? Its gonna be a while hes not born yet. Jeez dude come on!

  4. Can you please get a sound sense before sending out your videos,
    I used to tell myself just keep dialing volume jumping back and forth when DAI videos are on,
    But from annoying video on FULL BLAST, to the cannot hear part videos of others,THEN BACK TO OUTROW exit BLASTING and neighbors yelling shut up!! Because we had to had it full blast just for earlier parts of video!! Hey tell your friends and family Im the Digital Asset Investor and just what
    I dont care how my videos sound volume wise cause I have 60thousand plus subscribers and arent I the greatest!

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