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Xrp 589 EOY Moon Haters Need To Take A Step Back!

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I am NOT calling for 589 eoy. But I appreciate and support the optimism!
Today I call out the haters trying to break up the community, and encourage my xrp family to stay strong and weather the holiday storm!

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Daily XRP News


  1. I'm not bothered by the 589 theory, I"m bothered by the people arguing over it and creating all this drama. I'm equally bothered by all the people who talked all this shit about lambos and whatever else as though they counted their chickens before they hatched. The universe doesn't own anyone anything. I had thought throughout the last few months that it wasn't going to happen, not because I'm negative, but because everyone expected it to by EOY and acted as though the cat was in the bag. I hope people have learned some humility through this. Maybe now with everyone feeling down and capitulation finally arriving, maybe we'll start going up after the new year. As for high prices, Brad Garlinghouse said himself that it was going to be a slow build up as liquidity increases. Given the conservative nature of banks, I don't see anything more than 10-20 by end of next year, which given what I've been through this last year of holding, I'm fine with. For me, reality has set in as I look at things from a more practical nature. Love to see a huge price jump, but it just doesn't seem that it matches with the slow steady growth already discussed by Ripple.

  2. xrp is turning out to be a loser along with my other holdings. Making me look foolish with all the "friends and family" I introduced it to. Thanks a lot DAI.

  3. Dreams, hopes etc r fine – 90% of 589ers though cant even state why XRP will be 589 EOY. They r blind sheep following people like Jackthenutter but cant tell u one reason why it'll get there. People have the right to an opinion, nothing to back up your opinion proves u r a sheep and I have the right to call u out on your opinion.

  4. I'm extremely bullish on XRP 589EOY…. just needs a catalyst to happen… a stock market crash perhaps.

    Will be interesting to see the DOW on Monday and the days after. On Friday, the DOW broke support and the next support is around 23500 points… that'd be a crash and the next support is 20000 points. Gonna be an interesting week ahead.

    Rising wedge has formed as well. Feel really uneasy about it lol

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