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  1. Yeah mate
    I think Asia then then India Africa south America. I think the states & Europe will be coordinated & soft start early next year & be online by 2021. I also think the UAE will come online depending on the reaction to the USD price

  2. If I were planning a roll out for a financial re set with the IMF as referees, I would start with the third world economies first, they will not adversely effect the world markets with the volumes they transaction on a daily basis. The exception to that thinking would be SBI group who I think will go online because the technology & population are ready to market test the new digital systems being proposed. SBI will be the Ginny pig & show up any hot spots that need to be revised before the bigger economies & markets go live.
    But hey , these are anything but normal times we are witnessing mate, I could be completely arse about face haha.

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