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XRP Back Over $.40 , Ripple And Global Currency Reset Video

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Let the XRP shill fest begin! "XRP crashes to 0.38c 😱😱😱"
    @Digital Asset!Manager : Why do you defend XRP when it's in the bottom? What do you gain out of this hardcore XRP shilling ? Why not choose to be honest with your listeners? The ones switching to other assets are neither weak hands, impatient or all other words you call us. They are being financially responsible and act on a problem (stop losing money and stop missing out on huge gains elsewhere).

  2. yeah yeah it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of time lots of fucking God damn time

  3. A bit of vitriol here for you DAI – all this bollocks about a rumour that there might be a launch in the price of XRP because some 20 odd partners of Ripple are carrying out 'maintenance' on their sites / exchanges / dung heaps etc is just that – BOLLOCKS! I do hope more and more people are beginning to see what shills you all really are – I am in the green but you mother fuckers are responsible for sucking in 'life's gullibles' as click bait.

    I never thought I would see the day but I have unsubscribed from your channel, Cobb's channel (his little gerbil face is beginning to piss me off) etc, and I unsubscribed from CKJ when I found out he has been pretending to be a qualified para-legal and conveniently 'forgot' to send some donations to a charity and also from that fucking idiot who only wants to talk about fucking ducks – you're all a bunch of twats – put you all in a sack and do the decent thing. (I wonder what the collective noun is for twats).

    And now I find that Simon Thomas is grabbing the Daily Mail headlines – AGAIN!

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