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XRP & Bob Way, SBI Group to Create Mining Chip Company, G20 Japan Virtual Currency

Daily XRP News

Great XRP Price Discussion Thread

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Japanese people, country, and culture are just awesome!! Glad the US and Japan are such good friends!! XRP is just another thing that binds us together in common cause!!

  2. Thanks again Eri. Trying to support you by letting the ads run (4 minutes, exhausting but happy to help) however the last ad about dog deaths was 33 minutes!! Did skip that one…keep up the good work!

  3. XRP = Bait-and-Switch. XRP is the bait, Ripple's stock is the switch. XRP price isn't moving up with the other crypto leaders because even the retail market is waking up to the bait and switch scam. XRP is another Bitconeeeeeeect and the smart money knows it.

  4. Notice less and less focus on XRP on this channel. ALL the other XRP channels are talking less and less about XRP because people are waking up about what XRP is, so viewership is plummeting. Therefore YT'ers are having to quietly and gradually switch topics to keep their views up. Amazing to watch this Bait-and-Switch job!

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