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XRP Bottoming Out Against BTC! XRP 85% Buy! XRP Media Storm! UBRI Day 2

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. @ 21:45… a great example is what Napster did. Yeah it was 'illegal', but eventually it brought about widespread music streaming/download platforms. In the end, they could regulate it.

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  3. News that people are missing is that XRP can now be bought for pound sterling £ on Coinbase UK. More liquidity more progress, amazing price right now for an investor.

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  5. You know what i would like to see with Micro Payments? So say a movie costs 5.99 to rent. They should allow you to Micro Rent the movie. If the movie is good you watch the whole thing and pay the full price. If not and the movie was all hyped you can get out of the movie and only pay for what you watched. It would be payment and review all bundled into one. You can look at who micro payed for the entire movie and what percentage dropped off after X amount of time.

  6. Hey Alex love the way you him made look like an idiot some people just won't pull their head out of their butt,still lmao!!!!!regards Jim h south coast of australia,!Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

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