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XRP Broke The Triangle To The Upside!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Doesnt matter the day in this market because of the volatility break outs can happen at anytime , thought you dont have any bitcoin ? you say its crap (hypocrite)

  2. XRP works and is ready for adoption with capability of handling as many as 1500 TPS, which is significantly faster than its biggest competitors, with over 100 partnership wit banks and a very low price and decent stability but even with this numerous partnership, it is obvious a majority of these groups are not too keen on using cryptocurrency and this would only mean the world when banks finally start accepting cryptos as legitimate methods of payment which of course is far fetched and what they would not let you know is that a lot of banks have actually turned their backs on the coin. The biggest issue with xrp is the fact that it is not decentralized and is being somewhat controlled by the parent compay, Ripple Labs which means a failed company could as well make the technology behind xrp fail too. Also, banks who are the users of xrp are for now and indefinitely unwilling to hold xrp due to its volatility. As a business person, the first thing to look at are the pros and cons of any interest and i was able to see that in xrp and eventually found how i could make the best use of the coin which unfortunately is not hodling but trading. You have to be very careful though in doing this as i lost my funds of over $30,000 when i started dabbling with trading. I eventually found a signal system with sound mentorship that helped me make back my losses with profit of 300%. Brady Robert system surprisingly is very easy to implement even by beginners and he is very accurate in his analysis, strategies and signals. You can reach him by mail (bradyjrobert@gmail com). I wish we would have more proponent for trading because thats where the real money is and of course, the whales and manipulators will spell doom for the future of cryptocureencies eventually.

  3. Jed McCaleb will make sure he breaks course again. The shameless enrichment of the former founders will break XRP's neck. No matter if the 60% are in Escrow they stay under the control of Ripple therefore the new bankers coin will succeed

  4. what´s your opinion concerning other standard coins? jpmcoin for example is going to use its own coin in the countries it is- if everybody would do it like that, wouldn´t that mean a minus for xrp? would be great, if regulation would be done but as countries are sleeping (except japan) is means latency 🙁 🙁 :(, maybe meanwhile other creatives get up 🙁

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