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XRP + Crypto. Will It Make You Rich?

Daily XRP News
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If your iron fists are strong enough not to sell, you have a damn good chance of changing your financial life forever.

Some days in crypto you get big news stories, and other days you get new small news crumbs. Funny enough, sometimes these crumbs give us more insight than we first give them credit for. Today is no exception to that unique rule. There are a number of interesting micro-stories unfolding this week and I want to bring some of them to your attention.

New Ripple Connection

Ripple has so many partners, who have partners, who have partners. So it’s sometimes hard to keep track of Ripple’s constant clever expansion. Citi Bank needs no introduction as it is considered a globally recognized banking superpower. As of today, they have picked Volante Technologies to lead them into the adoption of the ISO 20022 financial messaging system for its global payment system. Well as an XRP holder this news should be more interesting to you since Volante Technologies is a partner with Ripple. There is not too much more information regarding this, but it’s just another pixel in the big picture. Regardless of the SEC nonsense, Ripple remains focused with their partners in expanding the IOV (internet of value)

YouTube Lawyer

Speaking of the SEC, we have seen many online lawyers weighing in on this SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit. There is an extremely wide array of opinions from these “experts” on what they think is happening or what will happen. At this point, I have been underwhelmed since most of the options have been recycling on Twitter. That was until I found a new YouTube channel who is hosted by a lawyer (shocking) giving his opinion on the bogus lawsuit. He came from a new and interesting angle comparing this Ripple lawsuit to another lawsuit the SEC brought the cryptocurrency Kik. I don’t want to prime you with too much information, because it’s good to watch these without opinionated leading. A spoiler is that this a bullish outlook on the situation with something that could be used as president in Ripple’s favor. Jump to 7:10 if you are short on time.

Click here for the YouTube video.

Now contrary to that legal option in that video and notable lawyer on Twitter had this to say after seeing the video:

This goes to show, not even the lawyers can agree on what’s going to happen.

Crypto Regulators

Probably one of the bigger news crumbs today was Brian Brooks Tweet about crypto regulation moving forward. If you don’t know Brian Brooks worked at Coinbase as their Chief Legal Officer, but most recently he was the Acting Comptroller of the Currency for the OCC. He was extremely crypto positive when it came to regulation. He has unfortunately stepped down from his position at the OCC and made a powerful Tweet that everyone should read:

I always find crypto the most insane thing I have ever gotten into, now more than ever. Honesty the stakes couldn’t be higher. We are all going to be considered early investing geniuses or idiots. It’s that black and white. Know what you hold, when times get tough review the fundamentals and never take FUD as fact.

Now in closing you might ask, what do all these small new pieces mean? It’s hard to say to be honest. BUT! I do know that there are some massive political & global moves being made to control crypto. Some of the most powerful banks and players are lining up to get their piece of the pie. Things are going to be wild, but remember one thing…you got the the pier first. All you have to do is hold to win.

Daily XRP News