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XRP For Liquidity, New Ripple Website And Bitcom Hearings

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. hey DAI, dont know if youll read this or not but here goes. i was thinking about mass adoption and what would be the best way to accomplish that where people would accept it. since people have become brainwashed into the instant gratification of technology, and also at the same time been told how bad it is (ie. the constant commercials warning about data breaches and identity theft) and since people have mostly become lazy due to technology, i dont see them wanting to be bothered with ledgers, or exchanges, or getting verified by uploading id, passport, and now some want bank statements. imo the easiest way is for banks to do custody and allow their customers to sign up using digital assets if they would like. that way its not a big problem for people to use. that would also take care of a lot of kyc issues, and it seems to me that if it was done that way, that all banks would use digital assets. Maybe this could possibly explain why it is taking so long. Its not like you mail a cd to the bank and they install the software and start using it. someone has to physically set up each bank and test it. where i work we are currently installing fiberoptic facilities in every bank in our city. i have to think there is a reason for it. anyway just my thinking out loud off the top of my head. keep up the good work.

  3. There is enough XRP at this time to cover all Global Swift transactions at the current rate (32 Million per day) for 8,000 years. One transaction cost .001 XRP to do. Multiply that by 100 billion and you get 100 TRILLION possible transactions that can be done. If they scale that by a Million to one split that leaves enough XRP to last until the sun burns out. XRP is not a currency–it enables the rapid transfer of currency. There is too much XRP to be a viable as an investment given it has no future as a currency. All projections in this video are siting CURRENCY explosions and utilization–which XRP CANNOT replace. It can only help move that currency around and only for relatively big players like banks. If you listen to the list of 'partners' you will notice they are all big money MOVERS. You see no big retailers or corporations saying they will start accepting XRP as payment.
    As I listen to this the video talks about the 'unbanked' population and how big that market is. XRP is not designed, nor supported by big banking to be a currency. If it had ambitions to be a currency the banks would dismantle it like they are doing to Libra. The founders themselves advise it is not an investment vehicle.
    It is known that early on the price of XRP was manipulated by false trading volumes being reported. The Exchanges have stopped that manipulation and that may explain XRP's current stagnation in the market.
    If anyone thinks XRP is going to $10,000 you are VERY mistaken. It will be lucky to get to $1 and that will only happen if BTC goes on a tear and people think XRP is somehow a good investment. This video is no doubt put out by Ripple to try to hype the coin with grandiose claims to hopefully drive the price up for one reason—to sell it to the big money movers at a high price. When you realize that the founders still hold a HUGE majority of all coins you can bet they will private sale most big demand from their own reserve before it reaches the relatively small pool of speculative holders on the market where the price could be impacted by the demand. Any demand will be gobbled up by the huge reserves held by big players–not you.
    According to the video they hold back the majority of the billion XRP released every month from the market. That is because if they let it go to the market the excess volume would collapse the teeny little 'civilian' market there is. XRP will not make the Average Joe a cent. Do your research other than listening to videos of this transparently self serving nature.

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