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XRP Future & MoneyGram unknown but is Financial Product of Future per SBI with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. When you think about it a brand new world is being created under the most bizarre circumstances with an almost unbelievable backdrop of staggering world events occurring simultaneously and the implications go far beyond the world that we are living in right now.
    We all need to step back from our computers, phones, or any digital device because i think we are all about to become one big frickin NFT!
    Is that what this holographic experience is? Are we being converted as a species? From the real to the virtual, and being sold on a cosmic exchange somewhere in the matrix of our own creation. This shit is blowing my mind.
    Are we digital? Is the universe digital?
    How about this. What if our birth itself was not what we think it is? What if every female was an actual portal for life, that was created in order for the real to be converted to the digital in order for others to come here to exist in our reality? We could be the ether that is the magic bullet to reality itself. Call me crazy. I am taking a break for a couple days while i still can. This is really insane. I think the global tape is wearing thin!

  2. What is the reason for opening extra wallets and leaving them at zero after paying the 20 xrp fee? Is it in case you wanted to give some to someone as a gift for instance in the future, then they would have their keys and not have to hold it on an exchange? Or maybe sell to someone at a later date?

  3. The saying be careful what you wish for is screaming in my head right about now. We were already being sucked into this virtual world of digitization without being involved in it at all. And my concern is that in our lust for wealth that our life wallet will be full of not only digital assets but digital people as well.
    As for myself i enjoy the convenience of the digital world but i don't want our comfort to come at the expense of the human experience. The lawnmower man is looking not so far fetched after all. We do not want the lawnmower man reality to become our reality. We need to take a pause and focus on us. The inner being. If some balance of nature is not restored in each of you and me, then how can we exist in a world that never sleeps? We must learn who we are first, before becoming something else that the implications of ate truly biblical in nature.
    Other than your immediate family when was the last time you experienced some other persons touch or smell or any other sense that the human condition is? This backdrop of world events is in play as to what our future looks like. This digital space is looking alarmingly monopolistic to me all of a sudden. Our humanity itself is at stake. We need a big big pause and self examination as to where we are and where we are going as the ultimate being. We were meant to be so much more than what we even have the capacity to understand. Do you think those microbes inside you think that you are God? Or maybe their universe itself? Are we a universe to some other beings? Someone said the smallest measurable thing you could measure was a quanta. That is not true. Even though a quanta is 10- 35 or 34 so small that we haven't seen it yet. But when our ability to see that small becomes reality we will find whole new universes within that quanta space that never end. We are acting like a knife that is trying to cut itself or teeth trying to bite itself. It will never happen. When you create anything, a new reality is being created at the same time. Every book ever written isn't just a collection of words on a page somewhere it is an actual creation of real beings somewhere. Just like the creation is we live in right now. What does the bible say? In the beginning was the word and God was the word. And the word became matter which became our reality. God spoke the word and it was so. This movie of reality we are in is unchangeable, unmutuable and unknowable except to the creator himself. Except the Godhead cannot know itself or it becomes a tyrant. This movie has no coincidences and has been replayed so many times that the tape it is being played on is wearing thin and about to break. Chew on that for awhile.

  4. Great Video Eri-San,,really enjoyed the news about SBI which I have shares in….also hold XRP “CURRENCY” and believe we will overcome in the end..Also loved the Bird Information,,,I used to work in Yamanashi-Ken and think the lake you mentioned is Kawaguchi Ko?? Thank you for you great content, Best Wishes Shouun.

  5. Hey Eri, Could you please explain what you mean about collecting the NFT/XRP addresses in advance.
    What exactly are these addresses, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

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