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XRP: Get Ready!! MoneyGram, Disruption And Dominoes

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No one wanted it to happen. Money Graham had no choice. They had to do it. Now they have force the hand of every company in the world who moves money cross-border.

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  1. I disagree with the desperate business model you present.

    It think Money Gram is a pawn, at the bottle of the totem pole.

    Converting the banks is a process. Money-gram processes far less than most large banks for cross border payments.

    What Ripple promises its tech XRP will do…. Its never been done or seen before.

    I imagine its a very meticulous process and must be surgically implanted.

    You cant just throw a bag of silicon boobs at someone.

    The patient must be prepped first, incision site must be cleaned , scalpel cuts through first layer of skin minding nerves and blood vessels.

    The space must be made for the implant, connective tissue in the breast must carefully separated.

    Then the implant is inserted.

    And thats just one patient,

    There are thousands more having their doubts but they all know the implants will improve there glamour, attracting attributes and will save them time on find the right people with the right wallets.

  2. DM the financial industry has a swamp to. They will hang on to the old system until the very end. Remind you of something? Yup, Washington DC…….great video

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