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XRP Global Digital Currency Plans With Plans Within Plans

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Daily XRP News
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  1. So sick of missing the like streams. I’ve been so hit and miss since my damn hand surgery. Bro, I can’t begin to tell you how much one little finger tip can do, to put you down for a week. Ugh. Anyways loved the video. I’ll be up early to catch the next video!!!!

  2. Hey CKJ, how you doing, love your channel, alway well researched and you connect information better than most eh!
    Did you know that Warren Buffet owns a large % of Ripple the company. So to does the Rothchilds via Goldman Sachs. Trump got 10% on behalf of the US GOVT. So that speaks for itself guys. Google it and check it out. If I'm wrong, my bad, but don't think so.

  3. Great job!! Ripple was started before xrp. 2 of the founding members of xrp came from bitcoin. They saw the energy expenditures to mine bitcoin as a problem. The wanted something faster, cheaper, and more energy efficient. Tribalism is real!! Seems like the xrp army still own bitcoin, but the bitcoin lemmings want nothing to do with xrp.

  4. Hey loser how's the scams going. You are scum taking from a charity. XRP COMMUNITY DISPISES YOU.

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