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XRP Has No Magic Wand, David Schwartz Tweet, SBI Japan Invest in Bizit

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Crypto Eri

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi Eri, Very nice video, the magic wand has been waved it just doesn't work as fast as people want. Lazy Chico don't know where to hide, he need to watch you to help him learn more about Ripple and XRP. Thank you for all you research.

  2. Another amazing video crypto eri, these ppl who are complaining, really don't understand what ripple are doing, and to think a dude with a skinned cat profile, claims they can fork xrp lol, there are too many fake and under educated ppl in this space.

  3. Chico is a very nice guy. He did a lot of great researches on different projects, scams,..l really respect him. Maybe l don't agree with all he said, but most of his work is great.

  4. Misesu Eri,
    I come to hear you convert the latest XRP new updates with that big happy grin, honest opinions and to learn more, Japanese stuff n fluff!
    (IF your demeanor changes, I'll know I'm in trouble!)
    Your positive XRP attitude makes me more confident, I hodl onto a BiG tiger by the tail and IF I remain strong, I won't get bit in more ways than one!
    I wish more channels were like yours, so I must ask, whats your secret?
    I'm convinced it must have something to do with a Japanese feelgood, named Masaru Emoto!
    p.s. Why was the company named, Ripple? BE WATER is a PEACE of thee answer!🙏🏻🙇🏻‍♂️

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