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XRP & IMF Payments in the Digital Age, SBI MoneyTap, Ripple Asean Partners, Propy

Daily XRP News

Ripple Regionals Asia Pacific: Commercial Bank of Siam

IMF Spring Meetings, Washington DC 2019

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The IMF incrementally drip feeding information into the public forum. They have gone from stating that FinTech in the Financial and Banking Industry will be MASS DISCRUPTIVE technology, to recently calling Ripple by name in on several occasions. And just now introducing the idea of an ESDR (electronic special drawing rights). So there IS a reason why representatives from Ripple are cosying up to bigwigs at the IMF. I think we can all guess where this is going. My assumption … the IMF using XRP for global liquidity. Fast, safe and cheap. After all, I seriously doubt they will choose to utilize China controlled Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Digital Nomad has covered a lot of this subject in his recent YT videos.

  2. I wish tp cash some out…but not at this price. Still waiting and watching them build this internet of value right before my eyes. Wow they are throwing this together fast

  3. IMF would add a digital asset. Those that peg to fiats are redundant. I hope ripple uses xpool to peg portions of xrp to global assets. Would be similar to mutual funds assets share classes

  4. Okay, so I know you would prefer more subscribers for monetary purposes, but I love the idea that you have 15k. Think how EARLY we are.

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