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XRP In A Massive Symmetrical Triangle, Breakout Soon?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Looking at how that descending triangle ends just as SBI and Fidelity are ready to launch confirms that this was absolutely manipulated. i don't believe this is just a coincidence. We could be days away from a life changing breakout.

  2. Imo, we're going to flatline after this triangle. Triangles usually only break, up or down, near 2/3rd into the triangle formation. When they bounce around all the way through, it's a sign we're going to go 'flat' for the next few weeks-months.

    I broke down XRP's USD price history from 2013-2019 and I found a rather interesting pattern.

    XRP's 13/14 bear market bottomed out after 6 months, then went flat for 8 months before the new bull trend. Making Xrp's first bust/boom cycle a 14 month cycle.
    In 2014-15's bear market it took 11 months for XRP to bottom out, and the market went flat for 16 months after, which created it's longest "winter," lasting ~27 months.

    Now, XRP's current bottom was in September of 2018. In historical trends, XRP has run flat 1.39 times as long as it took to find it's bottom. Meaning if XRP did indeed find bottom after just 8 months, XRP should break out in another 3-6 months, so long as September's low holds. That being said, this trend history also suggests, that if XRP falls below it's September lows, the "bear market" will have lasted over 14 months, thus if the pattern continues, and we could be looking at something like 22+ months of no flat trend.

    So now the question is, which scenario plays out? This is where technical analysis breaks down and becomes a guessing tool without applying fundamentals. So what do XRP's fundamental's suggest? That XRP is more likely to break out in the next 3 months than it is in the next 6 months, and more likely to break out in the next 6 months than it is to wait two years to break out. Another interesting note, this 3-6 month potential also lines up pretty well with Bearable guy's calendar, which highlights the middle of May. Thus I personally have no expectations for any kind of movement in the markets over the next two months. Depending on news and developments, that sentiment may become more bullish/excitable come May/June. As a note of hope to those who fear we could break our September low of $0.25, the fact that there's all this FUD around XRP being a scam, and the price has barely moved, is a pretty strong indicator that September was the bottom.

    Something else to keep in mind, the majority of the crypto market broke it's previous lows during BTC's December crash. Thus all said coins that broke below support in December are now in a 12 month downward trend. Thus for those like BTC with similar historical trends, we shouldn't expect to see BTC and the rest of the market return until around Q2 2020. What does this suggest? Firstly, that the coming bull run will not be a consumer bull run; as BTC is the consumer's pick. Rather it will be an institutional bull run, where those coins that broke bearish in December are not going to receive enough attention to break their previous ATH and confirm a new bull cycle. At least not until consumers begin FOMOing back into the market. If such begins to play out, I'll be eagerly watching to see if it actually takes consumers 9-12 months to FOMO back in, after institutional money begins entering.

  3. Have to get that macro right. XRP is not decoupled enough to overcome anything. Brad thinks we have 5 years until we really see the future. Then again, Fidelity and SBI might help big time….Cardano is having a big event in April. I don't see the upside this week

  4. It only matters what Bitcoin does still. I don’t see anything bullish until regulation assuming XRP is deemed not a security. I have a feeling 2019 will continue bearish.

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