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XRP investor receives SEC SUBPEONA, Stellar XLM gains on MoneyGram Advent Deal Rumor, Ripple TEST

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! if Flare is sooo concerned with TAXES and keeping their word…. In October, They should give us 25% of the flare they promised, which includes 15% when They launch… Reason: the agreement was for 15% in Junish . then 2% afterwards.. June =15% then July = 2%, August =2%, Sep = 2%, Oct 2% and 2% for the wait… which is 25% about the amount WE should have had If they kept their word. plus we get the tax benefit of the first distribution.. Was Flare free? NO I lost money buying for the drop.. so, it did have a cost for me/others. Will I get the canary token: F if I know …I use JPM owned Coinbase.. This would go a long way to establishing credibility.. or cred as Kenau would say.

  2. I was always of the opinion that there was someone else feeding the SEC information on Ripple for this lawsuit. Although it looks like a lot of the information given hasn't had the desired effect certain people were looking for. If it turns out that backhanded deals were done and Ripple win this case, there will be a lot of blow back onto the people involved especially if it was to damage Ripple for commercial reasons.

  3. Xrp will go after everything , XLM'S market is part of that , but RIPPLE will go after all the money , XLM will go after some of the money ……both will find their markets as time goes on….but ripple has a better , more secure [more nodes]….the big boys will use XRP , and the unbanked to use XLM …..I own lots of both

  4. Many companies have tried to take over MoneyGram. The fact that Advent is the latest company to attempt to make a move doesn't mean it will materialize. Further, this is just one partnership that XLM may benefit from and clearly is not the deal of the century as stated. YouTube content creators need to calm down, take a step back and stop pushing coins for their own personal gain. Deals and partnerships happen all the time. If you take a look at Ripple, they have hundreds of mammoth partnerships (Oh yea, Visa just purchased a Ripple partner CURRENCYCLOUD YES PURCHCED ALREADY) compared to the size and scope of MoneyGram. Again, let's calm down. The repetitiveness regarding a POSSIBLE takeover / partnership of MoneyGram is becoming mundane.

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