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XRP is not a stablecoin, Stellar & USDC, SBI Ripple Asia Partner joins Ripplenet, Bitbank Lending

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  1. So I realize nobody wants to give financial advice… but as a crypto appears that XRP and XLM appears to be the future. Bitcoin appears to be slow and not scalable. Am I on the right track here? And what would be a good suggested # of coins to hold 1,000?,2,000? 3,000? Or less?

  2. great analysis as always mate, has anyone else ever wondered why more persons are getting involved in digital assets, for me i see this as a new revolution in the financial structure worldwide. Thats by the way though, have anyone seen the price of bitcoin lately, the momentum it took off is something to smile about and with the rate of global recognition around crypto asset, one would say almost all investors earned from the price movement. Another means of earning from crypto assets is trading on the crypto market and use of market analysis, i personally have earned from trading crypto assets and i believe anyone with proper guide. Over 4 months of using signal service from Sebastian Bryant's signal service i have been having less losses with more profits trades. His service can be reached on whatssap (+447782861037) and talegram (Sebastianbryan) . Time has taught us patience.

  3. I got told xrp will be a stable coin, that's why I took a little money and bought some coins.
    As far as I know from Ripple, XRP was designed to go up to 10k.

    So u telling me now it's not a stable coin, but Gold backed currency? 🤔
    Does that mean, Gold isn't stable either ?

    Bearing in mind that they have artificially kept gold and silver prices low for decades.
    I'm pretty sure we will see some unexpected movements once the election aftermath has settled.

    Everything atm is just predictions, which are as useful as Politcal Polls. 🤷

    The Team on the 1st, can lose to the team at the bottom. Everything is possible from now on.
    Just wait.

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