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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi DAI, I really like your videos, watch them almost everyday… I know it is not the purpose of the video but I would like to let you, and your audience, aware about what is going in on in Venezuela regarding Mr. Pompliano's tweet:

    UK didn't allow the Venezuelan Dictator to take the gold out because at this moment they are not considered the legit government of Venezuela, in other words the gold do not belong to them as the dictatorship do not represents Venezuelan people anymore (thanks God)… These tyrants have been in the power for 20 years, destroying the country and accumulating wealth. Right now (on the 23rd of Jan 2019) the president of the National Assembly, through constitutional means, took over as an interim President due to the lack of popularity of the dictatorship and lack of transparency in the previous elections. The interim President has been recognized by the vast majority of the countries in the democratic world.

    Some facts:
    The Foreign Exchange Reserves are at its lowest point, falling from around 40Bln$ to around 9Bln$ in just 10 years, due to bad administration and corruption.
    The inflation rate in Venezuela hit 1,000,000% in 2018 and for 2019 is projected 10,000,000% (which is why you can see money thrown out as garbage, you have showed that in your videos as well)
    People cannot freely exchange their local currency for any other currency, the dictatorship imposed a blockage since 2003

    Again, I know this is nothing to do with digital assets but as Venezuelan, I wanted to let people aware of the situation in my country. Apologies for the lengths and regards.

  2. DAI – we all love XRP or we wouldn’t listen to you. Please do a thoughtful explanation to your followers regarding the fact XRP releases one billion new XRP tokens each month to further the project. How is this every going to be beneficial to me a retail holder of a few XRP tokens?

  3. DAI is the greatest Digital Asset Investor Ever Created, Alex is great too. I have a true story about a mouse. I worked next to a lady who always ate her lunch at her desk. One day IT had to come to sort out issues with her PC. The IT guy was a grumpy old man and she was dreading what he may find so she disappeared when he arrived. While he waited for her PC to boot up he turned her keyboard upside down and tapped all the crumbs out all over her desk. I said "I thought the mouse would have taken care of that" He actually managed to crack a smile which made my day.

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