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Daily XRP News
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  1. Quote from Synchronize 2019 in the states 19/April ….."At Synchronize 2018 we heard from some of the world’s largest market infrastructure providers about their respective journeys toward replacing mission critical systems with DLT. Following on one year later, as those production deadlines approach, hear directly from C-level executives implementing the technology as they enter the final stretch and what your business needs to prepare for"…. Guys, what does this fookin mean….final stretch……production deadlines approach…..!!!!!!??????……. Next conference is 'Synchronize 2019 Europe' on 18/June

  2. Was too late tonight for the full live stream, just saw the last part live. Seen and enjoyed it in full now, again a very good piece of research imho. Will be away for a short holiday, however, I will be online to see the mega spider diagram on Wednesday!!

  3. SPQR… Fook!!!! On the 'Synchronize 2019 Europe' page there's an add for 24th Annual


    September 25 – 26, 2019. I looked at attendees for any Fintecs and there's the TABB group. Went to Tabb page and there are some Blockchain articles, one of which has a coiled chain (slightly similar to a recent Bearable Guys pic). There's an article by someone called Terry Roche in 2016 (!) that says the network effect of Blockchain is "coming sooner than expected"…. (2016!). Searched Tabb/Ripple….Of course Miguel Vias spoke at their conference in 2017….. Its all so planned!!! It has to go off fairly soon!!!

  4. Promise I will shut the fook up in a minute!! but a further article….. "Blockchain Clearing and Settlement: Crossing the Chasm"
    (by) Author(s):Larry Tabb (2016!!!!)………
    Executive Summary

    "….The interest in Blockchain from the financial community has been tremendous. The thought of decentralized trust, greater transactional transparency, an immutable transaction record, compacting settlement periods, and the freeing up of capital as we reduce settlement counterparty risk has many both outside and inside the industry salivating.

    Finally, with one technology we can totally rethink the anachronistic settlement and clearing process that has plagued both banking and financial markets.
    Is this the Holy Grail, or what?….."

    This was all in 2016 guys ….. Tell me this isn't really happening and XRP isn't the solution…… (Now I promise I fuk off!)

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